Personal Training

You will receive 1:1 personal training with a Health and Fitness Practitioner using a customized program.

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Group Training

Train in a small group setting with individuals who have similar goals.

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Corporate Fitness

In our facility or yours, you and your staff can train together to build physical strength and strength in the workplace.

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Meet Your Health and Fitness Practitioner

My name is Channin Muhammad and I am a health and fitness practitioner at Omniety  180. We are about teaching you how to exercise properly and obtain results. Taking a more holistic approach, we offer 1:1, small group and will even travel to your workplace to provide services for the office. We will always coach you through stretches and exercises that are tailored for you and where you are at physically and not just provide with with a generic program.

The first time we meet, I will hep you identify your goals and then conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess your posture, flexibility, core function, strength, balance, basic movement skills, and gather information around your health and nutrition history. Then we can work together to develop a custom built exercise program based upon YOUR fitness goals and needs.




Ready for a healthier lifestyle?

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